The Best-Positioned Tech Giant In Healthcare? The Answer Might Surprise You

But the name you may hear about least–Facebook–may actually be the company influencing healthcare the most, and may also be the best positioned to support the patient-centered future that so many imagine…

Forbes Magazine featured an article showcasing how Facebook may hold the key to bringing together not only the rare disease communities but has the power to truly influence the future of patient-centered healthcare.

This article discussed the importance of Dr. Matt Might’s viral article about NGLY1, “Hunting for My Son’s Killer” and how the Might family was able to harness the power of social media to find other NGLY1 families.

When I recently told Might about the mutation-specific Facebook communities, he wasn’t surprised, and told me that he was “impressed by what patients can already do on Facebook” and other “established systems” including Google, Wikipedia and Twitter.

Might suggests Facebook could “implement an opt-in ‘find patients like me’ service.” I can imagine a host of other utilities and applications (including user-friendly medical data import, sharing, visualization and analysis) aimed at better serving the needs of patients, and of patient communities.